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margelo/react-native-graph: 📈 Beautiful, high-performance Graphs and Charts for React Native

talknagish/react-native-turbo-starter: React 0.68+ Turbo Module starter using codegen with typescript for Objective-C and Java/Kotlin with C++ shared library. 🚀🚀🚀

oblador/react-native-esbuild: Fast bundler and dev server for react-native using esbuild

marklawlor/tailwindcss-react-native: A utility-first universal design system - powered by Tailwind CSS

kirillzyusko/react-native-keyboard-controller: Experimental keyboard manager implementation

ospfranco/turbo-secure-storage: Secure Storage Turbo Module for React Native

jeremybarbet/react-native-jsi-base-coder: Base64/32/16 encoding/decoding for React Native written in C/C++ and JSI.

alantoa/react-native-lightbox: 🖼️ A 60+ fps lightbox component, build upon Reanimated & GestureHandler.

Bur0/react-native-actions-sheet-picker: A React Native component that provides a filterable select dropdown/picker.


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