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chefk5/react-native-start-guide: In this repo I try to gather the most useful resources for building your react native app.

mrousavy/react-native-blob-jsi-helper: A React Native library for accessing an ArrayBuffer of a Blob instance.

inKindCards/react-native-money: A fully native TextInput component that allows currency input with a right to left text alignment

sweatco/rn-scratch-card: React Native Scratch Card which temporarily hides content from user

fakeheal/react-native-pan-pinch-view: 🔍 A view component for React Native with pinch to zoom and drag to pan functionality.

Saad-Bashar/react-native-bottom-tab-tour: A tour guide component for react native bottom tabs.

evgenusov/react-native-image-generator: Library to generate images from layers

software-mansion-labs/react-native-url-router: A new way to create navigation in react-native

enesozturk/react-native-ios: iOS UI implementation in React Native with gestures and animations 🍏

obytes/react-native-template-obytes: 📱 A template for your next React Native project 🚀, Made with developer experience and performance first: TypeScript, Husky, Lint-Staged, react-navigation, react-query, restyle, react-hook-form, AppIcon, Splash Screen.


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