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shirakaba/react-native-native-runtime: The Objective-C runtime exposed directly to React Native via JSI (Java runtime may follow)!

mateuschaves/liquid-swipe: :iphone: :alembic: Liquid swipe effect in React Native

a7med-mahmoud/react-native-ml-kit: React Native On-Device Machine Learning w/ Google ML Kit

a7med-mahmoud/react-native-prevent-screenshots: Prevent Screenshots in your React Native app when needed. 🦄

abhiram2600/keyboard-aware-view: keyboard-aware-view is a react-native package that handles the view position based on input position and keyboard so that the text input doesn't get hidden behind the keyboard.

WrathChaos/react-native-bouncy-checkbox-group: Fully customizable bouncy checkbox group for React Native

WrathChaos/react-native-rounded-checkbox-group: Fully customizable react native checkbox group for React Native

fatemehmarzoughi/AudioVideo: Implemented Audio and Video Player in React Native

Saurabh-kayasth/rn-webrtc: WebRTC for React-Native. Allows camera to zoom on the fly while streaming and change max bitrate.

dirkpostma/react-native-cache-pods: Example how to reduce React Native iOS build times drastically

alielmajdaoui/react-native-gtoast: A React Native global toast that can be called from anywhere within your project.

mroads/react-native-fontext: 📲💬 react-native-fontext is a lightweight library to integrate fonts in your React Native application that works seamlessly in android and iOS devices.

pettiboy/react-native-ui-buttons: Functional, simple and customizable UI buttons for react native. Also contains loading functionality and automatically changes color for dual tone buttons. TypeScript support.

cuongtranduc/react-native-detect-press-outside: A wrapper view help to detect when user press outside a child component by passing a ref to this component as a prop

HugoDuret/ExportSMS: React-native app (Android and iOS) to view SMS stored on the phone, and easily export them to standard data exchange formats.


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