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coinjar/react-native-wagmi-charts: A sweet & simple chart library for React Native that will make us feel like We're All Gonna Make It.

mrousavy/react-native-jsi-contacts: A contacts library for React Native using JSI

gorhom/react-navigation-scrollable-modal: This is a POC to replicate the native interaction behavior of iOS modal presentation with React Navigation.

akinncar/rn-mirror-lists: ๐Ÿชž Mirror scroll lists for React Native

ivanmoskalev/react-native-compressed-jsbundle: Ship React Native .jsbundles compressed by Brotli algorithm.

nomi9995/react-native-component-splitter: VS Code Extension allows splitting React Native Component into Sub-Component

mmazzarolo/react-native-monorepo-tools: Tools and utils to support a React Native monorepo built with Yarn Workspaces

ospfranco/react-native-bump-version: Small script I use to bump my react-native releases (yarn bump)

ngnclht1102/rn-cached-image: A react native cached, animated, and auto chooses the best-resolution image for the current screen.

intergalacticspacehighway/react-native-responsive-query: Create responsive styles that use media query on react native web and Dimensions API on react native.

duongdev/phosphor-react-native: A flexible icon family for React Native

flipkart-incubator/babel-plugin-pseudolocalize-react-native: Babel plugin to transform React Native Text nodes with a custom language map for Pseudo-localization

viet97/react-native-smooth-blink-view: A simple smooth blink view for react-native.

kanzitelli/rn-bounceable: ๐Ÿ€ Native bounceable effect for any React Native component. Built with Reanimated 2. Compatible with Expo.