React 16 was released this week with a host of other frameworks having updates as a result. We'll be taking a look at one of those in this issue but I would check your dependencies for updates. If you had concerns about being on a beta build of React in React Native now may be the time to upgrade!

Additionally Facebook continues to evaluate their products and their licenses as GraphQL was relicensed under MIT this week. React Native still hasn't been evaluated but we hope to see some news here in the coming week.

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React Native Monthly #4

Somehow missed the React Native Monthly meeting last week but here are some highlights. The full meeting notes are available here.

  • GeekyAnts announced their React Native design tool BuilderX at React Europe and launched React Native Seed, boilerplates for your next React Native project.
  • Facebook is actively working on improvements to <Text> and <TextInput> components on Android.
  • Microsoft released code signing for CodePush. Full details are available here.

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React 16

React 16 was released this week and there's a lot of exciting updates that should improve our workflows and the performance of our React Native apps. The full notes are available here.




Enzyme 3 shipped this week with React 16 support. Check out the migration notes here on how to make the switch.