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vemarav/react-native-avatar-crop: Highly customisable <Crop /> component for React Native < 💅 >

flipkart-incubator/animation-wrapper-view: Create declarative animations for React Native

baronha/react-native-photo-editor: 🌄 Photo editor using native modules for iOS and Android. Inherit from 2 available libraries, Brightroom (iOS) and PhotoEditor (Android)

Groszczu/use-auto-focus-inputs: Single react-native hook to manage auto focus of TextInput

4TWIGGERS/react-native-wave-navigation: Wave UI animation created with ReactNative

react-native-admob/admob: Admob for React Native with powerful hooks and components

WrathChaos/react-native-text-input-interactive: Fully customizable, animated text input for React Native with beautiful and elegant design

bolan9999/react-native-pattern-lock: A smooth pattern lock component for react native.

dthlg/react-native-dropdown-enhanced: A simply dropdown | selected | picker | combine searchable for react native that works both for IOS and Android.




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