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wuba/metro-code-split: Further split the React Native code based on Metro build to improve performance, providing Dll and Dynamic Imports features

tuanlv89/react-native-immediate-call-library: Initiate immediate phone call for React Native on iOS and Android.

jsamr/rnrh-blog: A WebView-free blog app made with React Native Render HTML

hoaphantn7604/react-native-element-dropdown: A react-native dropdown component easy to customize for both iOS and Android.

Duya3fithou/react-native-tab-selector: This component is tab selector, return index of active tab, with animation

hoaphantn7604/react-native-checkbox-tree: A simple and elegant checkbox tree for React Native.

hoaphantn7604/react-native-curved-bottom-bar: A high performance, beautiful and fully customizable curved bottom navigation bar for React Native.

r0b0t3d/react-native-collapsible: Fully customizable collapsible views

douugbr/react-native-apk-update: An installer for APKs, aimed to update existing applications.

hoaphantn7604/react-native-vertical-swipe-view: React Native Vertical Swipe View


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