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appbaseio/searchbox: Lightweight and performance oriented search box UI component libraries for React, Vue, React Native, JS and Android

akvelon/react-native-sms-user-consent: React Native wrapper for Android's SMS User Consent API, ready to use in React Native apps with minimum effort.

tsdmrfth/react-native-steve: React Native horizontal scroll view component as seen on Clubhouse tags

eveningkid/react-native-popable: Popovers, tooltips for React Native


plahteenlahti/ Home of react-native app for managing Netlify sites and deployments

codeninja02/Turbo-Browser: Simple & Secure Internet mobile browser built on React Native.

intergalacticspacehighway/react-native-popper: Helps you create customizable and accessible Popovers / Tooltips with React Native.

nandorojo/react-native-anchors: 🦅 Anchor links and scroll-to utilities for React Native (+ Web)

roam-ai/roam-reactnative: React Native Location SDK. High accuracy and battery efficient location SDK for iOS and Android by

plahteenlahti/vercelly-app: React Native app for managing Vercel projects and deployments

othiagobruno/rn-skrull: React Native Skrull - A complete ui library to react native

idanlevi1/react-native-clipboard-toast: React Native Clipboard API with Animated toast message component



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