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cuvent/react-native-vision-camera: 📸 The Camera library that sees the vision.

mrousavy/react-native-mmkv: ⚡️ An extremely fast key/value storage library for React Native. ~30x faster than AsyncStorage!

cawfree/react-native-wormhole: ⚛️ 🌌 Inter-dimensional Portals for React Native. 👽 🖖

smallcasetech/react-native-simple-biometrics: simple interface to verify user authenticity

craftzdog/react-native-quick-base64: A fast base64 module for React Native


klarna-incubator/platform-colors: Generate platform native colors for iOS, Android & Web

callstack/react-native-webpack-toolkit: A Webpack-based toolkit to build your React Native application with full support of Webpack ecosystem.

cawfree/react-native-localhost: ⚛️ 🏡 Returns the local address of your actual development machine.

ariona/rn-tajweed-verse: React Native component for parsing Quran Tajweed Verses into color coded text.

hungga1711/react-native-dnd-board: A drag and drop Kanban board for React Native.

juandl/react-native-credit-card-input-plus: Easy, cross-platform credit-card input for your React Native Project! Start accepting payment 💰 in your app today!

WrathChaos/react-native-permission-service: Easy to use permission service which is all handled by itself for both iOS and Android on React Native

Cnilton/react-native-rating-component: Rating component with lots of customization props.

spokestack/react-native-spokestack: Spokestack: give your React Native app a voice interface!


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