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Omar-Belghaouti/SizedBox: A component for react-native app that add vertical or horizontal space on your screen, similar to Flutter's SizedBox widget!

TecladistaProd/rn-antmedia: Port of webrtc-adaptor (AntMedia) to react-native using react-native-webrtc

4TWIGGERS/react-native-curved-translate: Bezier path curved translate animation with reanimated 2

caiangums/react-native-template-eryn: 🌲Eryn is a known Forest for Starting your React Native Project with foundation!

nomi9995/react-native-decompiler: Decompile React Native Android/IOS Bundle

janziemba/react-native-basic-ui: Easy to use UI components for React Native. Creating an app has never been easier! πŸŽ‰

M-Julius/react-native-modal-bottom-alert: This package for react native, bottom alert with animation

craftzdog/react-native-aes-gcm-crypto: AES-GCM encryption/decryption for React Native


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