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PedroBern/react-native-collapsible-tab-view: A cross-platform Collapsible Tab View component for React Native

Sifir-io/react-native-tor: Tor Daemon and Socks5 client for React Native iOS and Android projects!

CaioQuirinoMedeiros/react-native-currency-input: A simple currency input component for both iOS and Android

cawfree/react-native-pretty-payment: ⚛️ 🤑 Super pretty payment inputs for React Native.

sparkfabrik/sparkfabrik-react-native-idfa-aaid: React Native module for getting IDFA (iOS) or AAID (Android)

investingwolf/react-native-svg-path-gradient: A utility for creating gradient paths with react-native-svg

breeffy/react-native-bottom-sheet: Blazingly performant interactive bottom sheet with snap points support powered by Reanimated 2 :star2: :tada:

AwrminKhodaei/react-native-horizontal-datepicker: Gregorian and Jalali customizable date picker as a horizontal timeline. inspired by @sobimor

RafaelGoulartB/duolingo-drag-and-drop: 🐦 Duolingo Drag-and-drop feature made with React Native.

caoyongfeng0214/rn-overlay: Overlay component for React Native. Overlay (fixed View); Toast (message); Picker (select); DateTime; Dialog;

mrousavy/react-native-screen-corner-radius: 📱 A React Native library to get the Device's Screen's corner radius

lucassaid/react-native-cool-speedometer: Cool speedometer for React Native

mrousavy/react-native-tracking-transparency: 🕵️ A React Native Library for interacting with the tracking API from iOS 14.