With the iPhone launching this week and the next Pixel announcement around the corner we enter the time of year where Apple and Android fans raise their pitchforks in solidarity ✊🏻. Fortunately as React Native developers each platform matters and we should be excited about all the updates 😉.

Regardless please argue over the specifics of your new phones amongst your team and enjoy this week's issue!

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Wyatt | React Native Coach  

Open SourceOpen Source

Get Safe Area insets for iOS 11 or later.

Module to interact with Apple's Health Kit.

Collection of buttons for React Native apps.



The iPhone X's notch is going to require some updates to how we handle our UI and this article from Niels Boey brings you up to speed. react-native-device-info can also help here by providing the device model programatically.


Around the WebAround the Web

Incredible article from Kurtis Kemple on Major League Soccer's path to universal React components. This is a topic I'm sure we'll be hearing more and more about this year, so definitely worthwhile to get some clues now.

Article on React Native's network layer from Kureev Alexey, a talk he gave at React Native Europe.

The Ignite-NativeBase boilerplate has release v2 updating to Ingite v2.

Nice article from Hippo AR on how to get started with ARKit and React Native. 🚀

Gray box testing mobile apps with Detox from Rotem Mizrachi


Augmented Reality

A shoutout to the 💩 animoji.

Awesome portal painter demo with ARCore.

Interesting article here on how Sony's AR technology could possible influence 3D products.



Try out the new Apollo Client beta and read about it here from James Baxley III.


VS Code

We really love VS Code for React Native development and we encourage you to give it a shot. Here's a twitter thread on all the awesome extensions to get you up and running quick.