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cawfree/react-native-rough: ⚛️✍️Rough.js bindings for that hand-drawn feel.

mrousavy/react-native-blurhash: BlurHash is a compact representation of a placeholder for an image. This is a native UI module for React Native to wrap the Blurhash iOS and Android implementations and make them usable in React Native

ifsnow/react-native-networking-patch: Improves the performance of React Native network module and adds a timeout feature.

aelesia/react-native-cross-actionsheet: Cross Platform Actionsheets with Native Android implementation

AzizAK/react-native-detector: a screenshot detector for react native

flyerhq/react-native-keyboard-accessory-view: Keyboard accessory (sticky) view for your React Native app. Supports interactive dismiss on iOS.

EvanBacon/react-shadow-generator: Visually create React Native shadows in the browser

ajith-ab/react-native-receive-sharing-intent: A React Native plugin that enables React Native apps to receive sharing photos, videos, text, urls or any other file types from another app

chartiful/react-native-charts: Core repository for React Native charts.

EQuimper/react-native-set-app-icon: Set the app icon in your react-native in app

mrousavy/react-native-google-nearby-messages: An async Google Nearby Messages API Wrapper for React Native (Android & iOS)



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