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xcarpentier/rn-tourguide: 🗺Make an interactive step by step tour guide for your react-native app (a rewrite of react-native-copilot)

ospfranco/react-native-macos-menubar-template: A template project for creating a macOS menu bar/tray app using React-native and react-native-mac-os

web-ridge/react-ridge-state: Simple 💪 fast ⚡️ and small :balloon: (0.7kb) global state management for React (Native)

sosog/react-native-dynamically-selected-picker: React Native Picker for Android and IOS with dynamically updating selected items on scroll.

ibitcy/react-native-hole-view: ✂️ React-Native component to cut a touch-through holes anywhere you want

hngocl/progress-react-native: Progress using react native reanimated and svg

sueLan/react-native-anchor-point: Provide withAnchorPoint function to inject Anchor Point, or called Pivot Point into your transform object, to achieve 3D transform animation in React-Native. This is similar to web transform-origin.

elemental-design/react-platform: Experimental cross-platform React Native interoperability APIs, component wrappers and polyfills.

hoanglam10499/react-native-responsive-similar: Package that helps make your React Native app responsive easily.

dilipsuthar97/react-native-tasty-toast: 🍞 Make your native android Toasts Tasty using React Native wrapper library

seniv/react-native-notifier: Fast and simple in-app notifications for React Native

expo/google-fonts: Use any of the 977 fonts (and their variants) from in your Expo app.

rgommezz/react-native-scroll-bottom-sheet: Cross platform scrollable bottom sheet with virtualisation support, native animations at 60 FPS and fully implemented in JS land