Quick bites

  • One developer built an extremely impressive AR app with Expo allowing you to copy objects in the room and paste them into a document on a laptop.
  • The React Native team is looking for submissions for users of the framework to highlight in their documentation.
  • The Expo team has been pumping out cool stuff lately, such as Universal login, Fast refresh on Expo Web, and lean builds for Android.
  • React Native EU 2020 is looking for speakers. This years conference will be held virtually and they currently have a CFP live for a few more days - so jump on this if you're interested!
Michael Lefkowitz  



Open SourceOpen Source

PierreCapo/react-native-socials: Twitter, Instagram, (and more!) into your react-native app

ilkerkesici/react-native-assitive-touch: AssitiveTouch component like IPhone

mak12/rn-faded-scrollview: A simple and customisable React Native component that allows you to add fade effect in ScrollView at both ends.

Kida007/react-native-medium-clap: medium clap animation for react-native & react-native-web

NewBieBR/react-native-magic-confetti: Beautiful and butter smooth confetti animation for React Native

vanGalilea/react-native-testing: This is how you should test your react-native components with Jest and React Native Testing Library

Fausto95/rn-async-storage-flipper: React Native's Async Storage logger for Flipper

helderburato/react-native-scaled-sheet: 📏 A React Native interceptor for StyleSheet to scale sizes based in screen dimensions.

Gustash/react-native-image-keyboard: React Native TextInput expansion to enable media input.

jk-gan/redux-flipper: Redux middleware for React Native for Flipper

AndyOsei/rn-onboarding-screens: Beautiful Onboarding Screens for use in your next react native project.



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