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codeforpublic/contact-tracer: React Native module to scan for nearby device using Bluetooth Low Energy for iOS and Android

thebiltheory/react-native-number-please: 🔢 Generate react-native pickers with range numbers.

ericlewis/react-native-contact-tracing: React-native module for Apple & Google's Contact Tracing Framework

farshidshahmoradi1996/react-native-voice-recognizer: 📦 A tiny lib for open native platform voice regonizer in react native.

realabbas/Github-Actions-React-Native: Github Action for React Native Build 🦊

jeremybarbet/react-native-portalize: The simplest way to render anything on top of the rest.

razorRun/react-native-vlc-media-player: React native media player for video streaming and playing. Supports RTSP,RTMP and other protocols supported by VLC player



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