React Native moving full steam ahead at Shopify and Microsoft!

React Native has been having a big couple weeks in the news recently. With the announcement from Shopify (see below) and Microsoft shipping every copy of Windows 10 with the framework - they are continuing to invest heavily. Which is great news - especially since it's possible to run faster than native!

On the other side of that coin, there was a little bit of flak from outside the community as it was revealed that the much talked-about app from the Iowa caucus was built on React Native. If you didn't pay too much attention to that one, here's a good thread on how that all happened. The truth here is that it has nothing to do with the technology chosen, but rather a faulty process.

Michael Lefkowitz  


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react-native-hooks-persist: React Native hooks persist with async storage

react-native-actions-sheet: A cross platform ActionSheet with a flexible API, native performance, and zero dependency code for React Native

React-Native-Awesome-Loading: Loading indicator Ui set for React Native

react-native-confetti: React Native component to show confetti

react-native-background-shapes: Beautiful background shapes for React Native based on Flex

react-native-x-carousel: A cross platform React Native carousel component

rn-eventsource: An EventSource implementation built on top of React Native's low-level Networking API



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