Happy New Year!

First things first, React Native 0.62 is on the horizon - with the first RC shipping out late last month. No details on changes quite yet but it looks to be a big one.

Aside from that big news - welcome to 2020! I hope everyone enjoyed their holidays and time off if you had it. For a bit of a retrospective on last year, here's a list of the top 5 most popular links from 2019:

  1. The React Handbook
  2. Announcing React Native 0.61 with Fast Refresh
  3. React Native UI Kitten 4: What’s New?
  4. React Native — Making your app fast again
  5. The New React Native Architecture Explained
Michael Lefkowitz  



Open SourceOpen Source

netguru/sticky-parallax-header: a simple React Native library, enabling you to create a fully custom header for your iOS and Android apps

mmazzarolo/ordinary-puzzles-app: A mobile puzzle game built with React-Native

benevbright/react-native-toast-banner: An animating banner fully based on Javascript

shirakaba/react-native-web-browser-app: Not another wrapper around SFSafariViewController. A fully-featured, cross-platform web browser written in React Native.

safaiyeh/react-native-cookie-store: Cookie manager for react-native

usamamoinakhter/Neumorphism-ui: React Native components based on the concept of Neumorphism

Paraboly/react-native-input-bar: Fully customizable, beautifully designed Input Bar for React Native


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Around the WebAround the Web

Javascript Visualized

I came across this very well-done collection of posts by Lyida Hallie showing off some core Javascript concepts that was too cool not to share.

  1. Javascript Engine
  2. Event Loop
  3. Hoisting
  4. Scope (Chain)
  5. Prototypal Inheritance