The react-native-doctor is in! And, how Walmart doubled their velocity with RN.

This week we've got the introduction of React Native's Doctor tool, as well as some great posts from big development teams like Walmart and Wix.

That's all from me, remember to submit links and Happy Thanksgiving ya'll. 🦃

Michael Lefkowitz  



Open SourceOpen Source

react-native-stylehooks - Responsive React Native [Web] styles made simple

expo-disneyplus - disney+ clone with expo / react native

netflix-clone - A Netflix app clone made with React Native

react-native-quick-scroll - React Native scroll bar component for fast scrolling

react-native-create-guid - Minimal library to create Guids in React Native. It uses the native implementations to generate one and send it over to JS.

react-native-circular-multiple-slider - React Native component for circular multiple slider and pie chart

react-native-scale-alert - A React Native alert component

react-native-animated-spinkit - A pure JavaScript port of SpinKit for React Native.


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