More React Native EU 2019 videos have dropped!

In this issue, we've got some quick and well-written tutorials on responsive layouts and AWS Amplify. Also - the folks from React Native EU 2019 have been providing a slow drip of videos from the conference still, and I've highlighted a few of my favorites over the last two weeks.

That's all from me - remember to submit anything you want to share with the community at reactnativenow.com/submit

Michael Lefkowitz  


Open SourceOpen Source

react-native-firebase-chat: React Native chat implementation using Firebase and react-native-gifted-chat.

naao-react-native: Open source code of a crowdsourced package delivery app.

react-native-diff-view: A React Native module for parsing and displaying git diffs

react-native-bouncy-checkbox: Fully customizable animated bouncy checkbox for React Native



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