React Native EU 2019 - introducing the New React Native

This week we're featuring a couple of our favorite videos from React Native EU 2019 - especially one showcasing what is being called the New React Native.

That's all from me this week. Best of luck to everyone contributing to open source during Hacktoberfest and remember to submit any articles you want to share with the community.

Michael Lefkowitz  

Libraries & ToolsLibraries & Tools


Open SourceOpen Source

react-native-retween: Tween animation in React Native with 60fps

rn-dominant-color: Library to extract the dominant colors from an image in React Native both android and ios!

radio-buttons-react-native: Animated radio buttons component for react native

nodejs-mobile-react-native-bridge: A high-level wrapper interface to Node.js for React Native.

react-native-polyline-direction: A component in (iOS + Android) for drawing routes with the polyline of the react-native-maps library

react-native-view-evaluator: A React Native <Component /> which can be used to determine the post-layout configuration of a <View />.