React Native 0.61 is out and we've got a new name!

React Native 0.61 shipped this past week with Fast Refresh, a new useWindowDimensions hook, and an update to React 16.9. See below for the official blog post on all the details.

And in other big news, this newsletter has a new name - React Native Now! Make sure to follow us on on Twitter and Facebook to stay alert in the happenings of React Native. And, please feel free to submit your favorite links to us.

Michael Lefkowitz  


Libraries & ToolsLibraries & Tools


Open SourceOpen Source

why-did-you-render - why-did-you-render monkey patches React to notify you about avoidable re-renders.

react-native-pager - controllable pager component for react native

react-native-infinite-flatlist-patch - Now easily solve the problem of infinite scrolling!


react-native-apple-scroll-wheel - The iconic scroll wheel that debuted with the original iPod. Now for React Native.

react-native-ui-blueprint - No more wrong margins, text sizes and many other silly visual mistakes. React Native UI Blueprint allow to you implements a pixel-perfect design.

react-native-credit-card-input - Easy (and good looking) credit-card input for your React Native Project

react-native-particle-background - React-native Background Particle



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