Welcome back - React Native 0.61 is on the horizon!

Hello all,

We are back from a little summer vacation with our newest roundup of React Native news. Version 0.61 is right around the corner with the very first RC dropping last week. Following in the footsteps of the big Hermes announcement in 0.60, this version looks to bring some nice improvements to the developer experience. For more on that, see below for a first look writeup.

Michael Lefkowitz  

Open SourceOpen Source

react-native-blobular - The Man in Blue's awesome Blobular, ported to React Native

react-native-easy-dnd - Drag and drop with react-native made simple

react-native-safe-area-context - A flexible way to handle safe area, also works on Android

react-native-fblogin - A React Native 'Facebook Login' component without wrapping any Facebook Native/Web SDK

react-native-headphone-detection - React Native headphone detection, both audio jack and bluetooth devices

react-native-twitter-textview - A <TextView/> component for React Native built on top of twitter-text linkification

react-native-apple-card-views - Customizable and perfect clone of Apple, App Store Card Views for React Native

react-native-google-recaptcha-v2 - Implement Google recaptcha v2 in React Native (both Android an iOS)



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