React Native hits 0.60 and Chain React kicks off tomorrow

Hello all and welcome to the latest edition of Let's React.

The biggest recent news around here is the release of React Native 0.60, so be sure to see below for some more details on that.

Aside from that, the Chain React conference kicks off tomorrow in Portland, Oregon. Our own Kenza Iraki will be speaking at the conference on Thursday morning - so if you're in attendance, make sure not to miss that one! And for those of us who won't be in attendance, hopefully we'll be able to watch some talks on YouTube once it ends :)

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Michael Lefkowitz  


Libraries & ToolsLibraries & Tools

Open SourceOpen Source

react-native-bootsplash - Show a bootsplash during app startup. Hide it when you are ready.

react-native-layout-animation-provider - A React Native <Provider/> for synchronizing your LayoutAnimations

react-native-swipe-image - A React Native library to swipe image on top, bottom, left, right like your favorite platforms

native-touchable - React Native Touchable with native look & feel

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