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react-native-common-intents -React Native Android Module that uses Android's Common intents actions like open image picker from gallery, open date settings, open wifi settings etc.

react-native-skeleton-content - A customizable skeleton-like loading placeholder for react native.

react-native-geocache-app - A simple cross platform (iOS and Android) React Native geocache app and server (powered by

react-native-google-pay / react-native-apay - React Native bridges for Apple Pay and Google Pay

react-native-svg-animate - This package allow you to animate SVG path with different animation types in both Android and iOS applications

jetifire - Jetifire tool migrates support-library-dependent libraries in React Native to rely on the equivalent AndroidX packages instead

react-native-check-notification-permission - A little helper to check the notification permissions on iOS and Android

sign-in-with-apple - A bridge that supports the new iOS Apple sign in feature

react-native-v8 - Opt-in V8 runtime for React Native Android

react-native-splash-generate - Programmatically generates a launch image for all screen densities from a single image source.

margarita - Mobile and Web application implementing Tequila API

react-native-web-hooks - Hooks for React Native web and Expo

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Happy Tuesday everyone!

Hope you've had a beautiful weekend! It was very sunny out here, but it's pouring rain today and all week 😭

To make up for the bad weather, I've been playing with the Public Beta of iPadOS, which was released over the weekend. So far, I'm super impressed, and excited for this new era in which tablets play a much bigger role in professional environments. One of the first things I looked up after hearing of iPadOS is whether I would be able to write code on my iPad, and the answer was yes (but not straightforwardly yet).

There was a minor community crisis last week, as Google released a new version of Google Play and Firebase, leading many React Native builds to fail, due to third party libraries having dependencies on these services. If you've struggled (or are struggling) with this issue, the RN core team addressed it here.

Chain React is approaching, with many Facebook Engineers attending and speaking, on top of many other amazing speakers, we're guaranteed tons of quality talks and content! If you haven't grabbed your ticket yet, it's now or never!

Cheers and enjoy your week!

Kenza Iraki