WWDC 2019 has wrapped!

WWDC has wrapped and there are some cool things on the horizon that React Native developers should stay alert about, such as dark mode, sign-in with Apple, and Xcode 11. The beta of iOS 13 has only been in the hands of developers for less than a week, but we're already starting to see some packages pop up that suggest the React Native community has begun working on implementing these new features and more.

As Kenza mentioned last week, we'll now be working together to help bring you the latest updates in the world of React Native. I'll quickly introduce myself - I'm an engineer at LawnStarter in Austin, TX, where I live with my wife, three chickens, and cute AF dog.

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Michael Lefkowitz  


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react-native-file-preview - A high performance react native library to preview document files, supports AIrPrint

rn-swipeable-panel - Swipeable panel that animates from bottom and is controllable with pan gestures

react-native-picker-box - Simple and configurable component picker