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react-native-stripe - "A React Native wrapper for the Stripe native SDK"

react-native-flip-timer - "A Flip Timer implementation in React Native"

react-native-pages - "A component to handle transition between pages based on a list of ordered statuses"

react-native-stepper-touch - "A touchable stepper for React Native"

go-ghostbridge - "Encrypted and mutually authenticated React Native to Go library bridge"

react-native-motion - "Beautiful and easy to use React Native page transitions"



Hey folks!

Hope you're having a beautiful week, building amazing things with your favorite library! Last week, the React Native team asked their Twitter followers to share the apps they built. They received hundreds of amazing answers, definitely worth checking out if you want to be impressed by how far people are taking React Native. It's really great to see the RN core team engage with us open source users more, it shows how much Facebook is investing in this project, and makes me believe even more in React Native's future!

In other news, React Native 0.59.0 is coming out within the next week or two. I've already mentioned that Hooks will be included in this version, but this week I also learned that it will ship with a new version of JSC, in order to satisfy Google Play's 64-bit support requirement, which is becoming mandatory in 2019. When this version comes out, it will be important to upgrade your codebases before August 2019, otherwise you will not be able to publish or update your Android apps. On top of that, apps not upgraded before August 2021 will be removed from the Google Play Store. Let your team know, and make this a priority!

Alright then, I wish you all a great end of the week, and a restful weekend!

Hope you enjoy this issue, cheers! 🍻

Kenza Iraki