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dribbble2react - "Transform dribbble designs to react/react-native code"

react-native-suggester - "React-Native package to decorate TextInput and get suggestions with good UX"

react-native-modular - "Modular apps with React Native 📦📲"

react-native-dev-menu-on-touch - "Open dev menu with 3 fingers touch in react native instead of shake gesture"

expo-stripe-checkout - "A React Native Stripe Checkout component compatible with Expo"

react-native-sms-retriever - "Android SMS Retriever API for React Native."

material-kit-react-native - "A Material Kit for React Native"

MarvelGestures - "React Native Animation Challenge"

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Hey folks,

Hope you're doing amazing today!

The biggest announcement of the past of couple of weeks was the release of React Hooks. This was undoubtedly a highly anticipated release, and there are already hundreds of libraries available that are making use of Hooks. While some people may disagree, the overwhelming consensus is that Hooks are revolutionary and greatly improve code readability and development experience.

I have an announcement of my own: as of last week, I am no longer a consultant! I have decided to join Breathe Life as a full time employee. After consulting here for about 10 months, I came to the conclusion that I really felt at home with this team; I couldn't imagine moving on to something else, and I really wanted to stay aboard this amazing ship and take it as far as possible ⛵️🚀💪

Alright then, hope you enjoy this issue, and I wish you an amazing week 🌈☀️

Kenza Iraki