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react-native-magic-move - Create magical move transitions between scenes in react-native 🐰🎩✨

react-native-fitness - A React Native module to interact with Apple Healthkit and Google Fit.

Lyrics-King-React-Native - Lyrics King is React Native song lyrics search app, built with Expo. Designed with Adobe XD.

rn-bottom-drawer - A react native bottom drawer component

react-native-multibar - Custom tab bar with floating action button to collapse and expand additional functionality.

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Welcome back folks!

I'm finally back from my post-Christmas hibernation period, during which I've been protesting how cold it is here in Canada by avoiding all responsibilities and snuggling in bed with my hedgehog. 😂🦔

Hope everything's been going well on your side, and that you've been able to build some amazing things in the first month of 2019!

If you haven't been following Twitter, there are a couple of news from the React/React Native teams at Facebook. The React team lost their Engineering Manager, Sophie Alpert, due to harassment over her views on the lack of diversity at Facebook. Sophie was a key player in the React community and someone we should all thank, because there would be no React without her. React Native, on the other end, has grown and now has two more team members, a new Engineering Manager, who previously led Jest, and Sebastian McKenzie, the person who created babel when he was 17. If there's one thing that shows, it's that Facebook is definitely invested in React Native!

Alright then, I wish you a happy belated new year, and a great week! The temperature here has been in the positives for the past couples of days, so I won't be complaining for a while ☀️

Cheers and enjoy!

Kenza Iraki