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  • react-native-responsive-screen

    Talking about responsiveness, this is another neat solution to the issue, definitely worth checking out!

  • react-native-image-overlay

    Sweet wrapper around <ImageBackground /> to allow you to overlay it with a color, some text or any child component.

  • react-native-fingerprint-change

    If you've got an app that relies on the user's fingerprint to login or access content, it may be useful to check whether new fingerprints were added to the device since the last time they accessed the app, to provide them with more security.

  • react-check-auth

    Super useful micro-component that can handle all the authentication logic you can throw at it 👏🏼. It even leverages the new Context API to allow you to simplify your conditional rendering authentication logic.

  • react-native-bouncing-preloader

    I have a soft spot for cute loading animations, and these ones are definitely 💯. Super neat trick to make your app feel more lively!

  • react-native-styled-dialogs

    Finally, a library that allows us to make our alerts less boring 🙌🏼. It leverages already existing native components and it looks 👌🏼.


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I was super happy to meet some of you guys at React Amsterdam on the 13th, it was an amazing feeling to know that people are actually enjoying this newsletter and looking forward to these issues!

On my part, I'm currently curating this issue on a train to Paris, where I'll be spending a few days before coming back to Montreal and starting my next adventure at Group Dynamite. If you live in Paris, let me know, I'll have some free time to grab a coffee and discuss React Native sheninegans!


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