We took another vacation last week and we're ready to kick this year off right with great new projects. 🙌🏻 Hope you're all feeling inspired by the new year as well and have a great week!

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React Native 0.52

A bit late on this one but here are the highlights from the latest React Native release. Full release notes are available here.

  • New space-evenly for justifyContent 👏🏻
  • DatePickerIOS now takes a locale
  • CameraRoll can now delete photos
  • PlatformOS > Platform
  • YellowBox.ignoreWarnings([...]) > console.ignoredYellowBox = [...]

Note: We've had a hard time updating from 0.48 to 0.49 and above due to new API requirements that effects a lot of dependencies. Hoping this settles over the next couple of weeks.




We saw Ken Wheeler give a talk on this new Formidable data visualization framework which works out of the box with React Native a few weeks ago at React NYC. It's flexible and easy to use. Exited to see where this goes!