The response online to the iPhone X has been mostly positive and we love ours. The new gesture based interface has definitely made me rethink how I interact with my phone and I'm excited to see how it grows.

A bit off topic but this week we wrote about how we manage and automate a lot of the responsibilities in our life with Airtable. You can read about it here and get a head start on your personal dashboard with the template we've created.

Have a great week!

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Wyatt | React Native Coach  

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React Native Monthly #5

The React Native Monthly meeting took place last week with the following highlights:

  • Callstack has continued to work on Haul, adding Webpack 3 support
  • Expo is focusing on improving the experience for larger apps
  • Facebook has been working on improving RTL support and is working on a codegen for creating Java and Objective-C interfaces with flow
  • Infinite Red created a CLI for React Native teams, Solidarity





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