We're working remote in upstate New York this week after our car got into a fight with a deer on the highway over the weekend. 🦌🚗🌙 Everyone including our dogs are alright but we're waiting around for our car to get fixed.

While inconvenienced it does make me appreciate how this field often makes working from home more accessible so you can deal with the surprises in life. Have a great week!

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Wyatt | React Native Coach  

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Expo 22

Expo 22 was released this week based on the 0.49 September 2017 version of React Native. 🎉 You can catch the full release notes here, but here's some highlights:

  • Snacks has incredible updates that make developing React Native apps in the browser very close to reality. Snacks now supports assets, multiple files, and you can save Snacks to a persistent url tied to your profile.
  • New SplashScreen and DeviceMotion APIs

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