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enesozturk/react-native-instagram: Instagram iOS page transitions implementation with FlashList and Reanimated

FormidableLabs/react-native-zephyr: TailwindCSS-inspired styling library for React Native.

bndkt/react-native-app-clip: Expo Config Plugin that generates an App Clip for iOS apps built with Expo.

GSTJ/PegavaDatingApp: 💖 A place to get some love. Pegava is a beautiful dating app made in React Native.


hirbod/react-native-volume-manager: React Native module which adds the ability to change the system volume on iOS and Android, listen to volume changes and supress the native volume UI to build your own volume slider or UX. It can listen to iOS mute switch and ringer mode changes on Android (and let you set the ringer mode)

ridvanaltun/react-native-deepar: Snapchat-like filters, AR lenses, and real-time facial animations.

barthap/expo-music-picker: A music picker library for React Native. Provides access to the system's UI for selecting songs from the phone's music library.


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